Meijer Worker Riled
Posted: 2008-03-02. Categories: Meijer

Meijer employee takes customer services complaints personal.

Hey I’m a Meijer employee myself, and all I’ve read was complete ignorance.

For one I am 20 years old I make $7.40 an hour, and forced to pay ridiculous dues for our union. In the end I barely make enough money to make it to work let alone pay my bills.

I’m sick of people complaining about how bad service is the fact is we give them everything. I’ve been called a worthless piece of shit, because I didn’t respond in less then 10 seconds. I was called an a$$hole, told I don’t care about anyone, but myself.

I’ve given my all to these people, and you wonder why some Meijer employees become the way they are. I love how ignorant you are, and everyone that complains here. I work my ass off to give the best service, and I get thrown down with a stupid whiny ass site like this.

Guess what? You are not mistreated – Work at Meijer, you will soon figure out who are truly mistreated. Ask yourself this — Why do you think Meijer needs a union?

~Scott P.

4 Comments to "Meijer Worker Riled"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Scott,

    Why would you continue to work at a job you obviously hate, for wages that scream… “We don’t care about our employees?”

    While I’m happy to have you spout off here, perhaps you would do better to spend your time job hunting, instead of lashing out at people who have been abused, ripped off and taken advantage of by your employer.

    While you may be a hard worker who does his utmost best to provide good customer service, not everyone is like you. There are employees who go to work only to collect a paycheck and could care less whether they do a good job or not.

    I’m sorry that you are so unhappy. Feel free to vent here anytime you like. 🙂

    Best wishes in finding a job where your employer actually appreciates you — they are out there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like what you are saying here, seems odd — a site to bash customers, and you are trying all by yourself to say what rest of us feel.

    I can not believe what I’ve been reading; employees at miejers basically saying it’s okay to rip of customer, and we should just take it.

    Then they think the scanner law is a bad thing; that it is okay for stores like Meijer to find loop holes, and even deceive costumers, just to get out of paying the penalty.

    I read a break down of the law on the agriculture’s site, it was a whole lot different, than what Meijer interprets as the scanner law. I Even talked to a person at the Consumer Protection Agency, that stated, “Meijer has had the most complaints of any store.”

    I called Meijer and talked to a floor manager, about the times the store refused to pay me — in accordance with Michigan law. He also gave me the same reasons, that I heard the first time. When I told him, his understanding of the law did not match, what I was told by the law enforcers, he said the law was open to interpretation.

    Unless one wants to sue them, there is not much, a consumer can do!

    I have the same last name, I was given the Hall name, by my first step dad.


  3. Anonymous says:

    For one thing the anonymous persons comments are just plain ignorant do you seriously not understand? You go to for one an “agricultural” site not a government site dealing with the scan law directly. On top of that said that the Consumer protection agency being most likely an organization not provided by the government consists only of people of like minds with you. Do you think I honestly try and screw you over? I’m worse off then you. Then you state the law said that they said its open to interpretation so you obvously dug yourself a hole. So next time use your brain. It may come in handy one day.

  4. Anon says:

    Think about it, does a Meijer cashier get any benefit for ripping you off? No! I’m a cashier at Meijer as well, believe me we ALL feel the same way.
    You people need to look at the big picture. You don’t have the slightest understanding of how retail works.
    If youre that dissatisfied there is always a Wal-Mart down the road.