All Wound Up
Posted: 2008-04-06. Categories: Pennsylvania, Retail Stores

This customer service issue is a perfect example of the Walmart mentality.

William Zobel
Horsham, PA 19044

March 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Zobel:

This letter is to call your attention to a problem I encountered during a recent visit to your store. On Saturday, March 22nd, 2008, I took my Bulova wristwatch to your jewelry counter and requested a battery replacement.

The clerk proceeded to attempt to remove the back of the watch and after several attempts was successful. She installed the new battery and was having difficulty setting the time, as the stem of the watch would not move the hands. I cringed as she used a pair of pliers on the stem attempting to move the hands. I suggested that perhaps she installed the back wrong and there could be a notch that should go over the stem. She removed the back there was a notch, she replaced the back and was able to set the correct time. Since this watch has, no second hand I just assumed it was working correctly.

The next day I noticed the watch did not have the correct time and it was obvious to me it was not running.

On March 24th, I returned to your store; with receipt and watch in hand to the jewelry counter, and proceeded to tell your clerk of my problem. She immediately went on the defensive and told me that your store has a policy of not replacing batteries in Bulova watches, and that I possibly purchased the battery and attempted to install it myself at home. I told her I was not a liar and she paged for the manager.

The co-manager named Gregg, came and told me to take it to a local hardware store, get the watch repaired and Wal-Mart would Reimburse me. I told him as this was a very expensive watch, I would take it to a jewelry store, he agreed.

I took the watch to Mays Jewelry store in Willow Grove and though embarrassing tried, my best to explain what had occurred. After examining the watch he told me the battery was installed incorrectly, upside down, the back was not seated properly, and it was a shame how the back of the watch was so scratched because of someone attempting to remove it. He solved the problem in a matter of minutes and the watch is working perfectly. When I asked him for a bill, his reply was NO CHARGE.

I feel due to negligence of one of your employees, and my inconvenience I should be compensated, since Wal-Mart was relieved of all responsibilities.

Patrick Bruno
Horsham, PA

cc: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,
Attn. Customer Service,
702 S. W. 8th Street,
Bentonville, AR 72716

PS: I have not received any response from this letter which I have sent to the local WalMart as well as corporate.
Pat B.

Editors Note: Hats off to Mays Jewelry Store for going above and beyond the call of duty, and offering the kind of customer service we wish all retail establishment provided. Walmart should be ashamed of themselves for not going the extra mile to satisfy their customers.

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