In Store Robbery!
Posted: 2008-04-24. Categories: Wal-mart

I hope that my story will be posted on Off the Shelf as a warning to all Wal-Mart shoppers. Especially you other Mommy’s out there.

On Thursday, March 20,2008 I went to the Salt Lake City location nearest to me to cash my paycheck and buy my kids some new shoes for Easter. I am new to this city, and until now have had no crime related issues. I’ve lived in bigger cities with higher crime rates my entire life and have never had a problem like this. I was robbed inside the store!! Someone watched me cash my paycheck, followed me and my kids around the store, and stole my entire wallet.

In Store Robbery!

It wasn’t bad enough that the thief got my entire paycheck, I am also very new to this city, and so I had mine and my children’s SS cards and Birth Certs in my wallet as well. So your probably thinking, random act of violence, what does that have to do with Wal-Mart?

When I went to let the nearest employee to let them know that I had just been robbed they treated me like an idiot (a shoplifter would surely have received more attention than I did). They wouldn’t get security. No manager was ever sent to speak to me. No incident report was made. They refused to call the police.

In fact, the young lady that was sort of addressing the issue told me if I wanted the cops called that I should call them myself! She then walked away from me and never returned. They refused to check the lost and found or even to make an announcement that someone had been robbed and that if anyone had witnessed anything to please come forward. Utah people are generally really nice and helpful. I know that if these idiot employees had just so much as checked the cameras that they would’ve been able to at least help to give the police a description of the guy.

Even today, four days later, I attempted to contact a manager to make a complaint at how poorly the situation was handled. His response was appalling to say the least. Apparently it is Wal-Marts policy to be as useless as possible in the event of any victimization of a customer. He said that it sounded like the employees followed procedure. He said that he checked lost and found while he was on the phone with me and found nothing with my name on it. I said you never asked me my name you idiot, so how would you know.?!

I just want to add a little something about myself, so that you people will take this warning seriously. I have been a retail manager for over 10-years in several large corporate companies back East where I come from. While there are indeed policies in place to insure the safety of the employees in events like this, I have never heard of a policy that has no regard for the well being of the customer. In any of my stores such an event would have gained corporate attention. I can’t even seem to get so much as a phone number to the local corporate office to report the neglectful, abusive nature of the employees in this event.

I will never set foot in a Wal-Mart again. If they don’t care enough about their customers to provide adequate safety measures then they don’t deserver to have our money!

A very irate consumer!!

Salt Lake City, UT

2 Comments to "In Store Robbery!"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Shannon,

    I am so sorry to hear about the way Wal-mart employee’s have treated you. It’s bad enough to be victimized once by a stranger but to be treated in such a manner after the fact is incomprehensible.

    You can reach someone at Wal-Mart Corporate Headquarters by calling 1-800-Wal-Mart (1-800-925-6278), alternatively you can write them at: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
    702 S.W. 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716

    The website address is

    Best wishes to you and your family. Please let us know if Wal-mart finally steps up to the plate and helps you out on this issue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would seem to me with all the camera’s and door security provided by Wal-mart, they have a certain amount of responsibility to protect their customers.

    You should contact an attorney — you may have a good case for a lawsuit against Wal-mart — especially in light of their reluctance to actually help you out after the robbery.

    They have insurance — let them pay.