Target Loses Loyal Customer
Posted: 2008-05-18. Categories: Michigan, Retail Stores, Target

Just last night, I was shopping at Target in Shelby township, MI and I purchased a 2-pack of hooded baby towels with washcloths. When I went up to the check out, they rang up $10.99 but the tag on the shelf said $4.99. The cashier said that I would need to go to the Customer Service Desk to get it fixed.

The woman at the desk called someone back in Infants and they determined that the price was changed and they didn’t change the shelf tag yet. When I asked that woman about it being a scanning error, she told me that it was not, that in order for it to be a scan error, the product had to be marked incorrectly.

So basically, Target screwing over their customers by not marking their items. When they have a price change, they do not mark the actual item so that is how they get away with it.

I think it is bull how the law is suppose to compensate consumers for the retailers mistakes but they sure leave it open for the retailers to manipulate the law how they please.

I, personally, will not being shopping at Target ever again. It is horrible how they scam their customers.


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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Rachel,

    You might take comfort in knowing that you may still have recourse of action. According to Michigan law…

    Pricing and Advertising of Consumer Items (Excerpt)

    Act 449 of 1976

    445.354 Charging more or less than price indicated; evidence of violation.

    Sec. 4.

    1.A person shall not knowingly charge or attempt to charge for a consumer item a retail sale price exceeding the price required to be indicated pursuant to section 3. It shall not be construed to be a violation of this act to charge for a consumer item a total price less than the price required to be indicated pursuant to section 3.

    2. It shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section if a price charged or attempted to be charged as a result of electronic identification or calculation by an automatic checkout system exceeds the price required to be indicated pursuant to section 3.

    Michigan Scanner Law