Diet A Losing Battle
Posted: 2008-07-25. Categories: Meijer

We wanted to purchase some diet supplements at Meijer. The price marked on the box was $5.98 but the price rang up as $30.98.

Apparently the manager went back and found that $30.98 was the sale price and that there was a sign in the area where we found the pills, but the packages were still marked incorrectly.

I asked about the scanner law and the manager said he would not authorize that big of a price difference.

A co-worker was there the same night and had the same thing happen to her with a different product.


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1 Comment to "Diet A Losing Battle"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Laura,

    It’s not uncommon for a store manager to not know or understand the law and it’s implications.

    You can write Meijer Headquarters, using the Meijer online web-form to file a complaint against the store’s pricing policies or contact them at: (800) 543-3704.

    Thanks for writing!