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Posted: 2008-08-07. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

Dear Retail Bandit,

I went into Meijer’s last night and on the clearance shelf they had multiple items that were mark on the scan tab as reduced $0.00. I then read the big sign that said “Item will scan at clearance price.” I picked up a few items and proceeded to check it out on their in-house scanner and the items scanned in at $0.00.

I filled my cart and made my way to the check-out isle and attempted to purchase these items, but of course the clerk said that they would need to enter the correct amount into the register.

I said, “it’s marked right there $0.00 and I believe you need to sell it to me at that price.”

Well, the clerk called the manager and he said we do not have to sell it at that price, that is a scan me tag, which means we enter a corrected amount into the computer at the time of sale.

Some items had other price tags some had none, except the reduced scan me tag at $0.00.

I called and talked to the district manager and explained to him that every time I point out an error, his clerks just say, “well I can only go by what the scanner says” and they make no further attempt to fix the problem, and now I want that same courtesy as I had received all the other times an item has scanned wrong.

That’s when I got told to bring any future errors to a managers attention, i.e., “Kick Rocks Dude.”

Are they required to sell me the items at the scanned price and if they don’t, am I entitled to a refund under the scanner law?

Thanks in advance,
K. McDaniel

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear K. McDaniel,

    I read through the Michigan Scanner Law once again. As many times as I’ve read it, one would think I would have it memorized by now. [grin]

    Unfortunately, I could find nothing under the scanner law that directly applies to your experience. I am not an attorney, only a citizen trying to help other citizens.

    The part of the code, which your concerns fall under, is section 445.354 Pricing and Advertising of Consumer Items, since this section does not directly address your issues, I recommend that you contact your local office of the Attorney General or the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office nearest you, for more clarification and a possible investigation.

    I’m sorry that I was not able to provide a more definitive answer to your questions. The law was written with certain objectives in mind and your situation does not fall under the scope of the law as far as I am able to determine.