Advice For Shoppers
Posted: 2008-09-26. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

On a recent visit to Meijer I purchased a bag of potato chips, the price was not marked on the bag of chips, but on the shelving unit below. The price marked on the sticker was $2.50. However, when I checked out, the chips rang up at $2.99.

I am in the habit of checking my receipts, and caught the mistake before leaving the store. I went through the hassle of standing in line at customer service so that I could get my reward for catching the stores mistake. However, because the price was not marked on the item proper, I was informed in error by the customer service clerk that I was entitled only to the 49 cents I had been overcharged.

I was a little disappointed only because my time is worth something. Had I realized it was not subjected to the scanner law provisions, I would have been tempted to ignore the error and the hassle. After all, it was only 49 cents. I have since found that this is not true. I was entitled to the “bounty”.

To add insult to injury, the very same thing happened to my husband just a few short days later.

I sent him to the store for chips. In fact, I specifically asked him to check to see if they were still “on sale.” He, too, purchased the chips and was over-charged that same 49 cents. Needless to say, I was irritated.

Apparently, since those potato chips weren’t costing the store any money, they were not in any hurry to correct the mistake. I am wondering how many unsuspecting consumers bought those same chips believing they were on sale, only to be ripped off by 49 cents.

2 Comments to "Advice For Shoppers"

  1. Riley says:

    I work for Meijer and I encounter this problem every day. I apologize for being blunt but the sign you read was not for the correct item. If you have any questions about pricing just ask the cashier before you pay, 99% of the time you are not entitiled to a “bounty”.

  2. Brent Johnson says:

    One suggestion on this – go to a price scanner in the store and check the price before you pay for it. It may be a little extra walk, but worth the time if you are cash strapped.