For the Birds!
Posted: 2008-11-28. Categories: Boynton Beach, Florida, Wal-mart

Unsanitary Birds Flying Around The Boynton Beach, Florida Wal-Mart

For the Birds!

My daughter and I were shopping at the Boynton Beach, Florida Wal-Mart when suddenly we noticed birds were flying around the store, leaving droppings and eating the food directly from the shelves.

We immediately contacted the manager (Megan) on duty. She did not bother to call animal control and seem to be very nonchalant about the entire situation.

Birds are unsanitary and they carry many diseases, which may cause an extreme health problem.

As a customer at Wal-Mart, I will like this matter to be resolved. I have contacted the Palm Beach Post (local News Paper), I will also be contacting the Palm Beach County Health Department and Mr. Lee Scott in reference to this matter.

Lizzie J. Wilson

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