Nail Polish Caper
Posted: 2008-11-27. Categories: Wal-mart

My daughter was at Wal-Mart yesterday and put some nail polish markers in her cart to decide on what two colors she wanted to buy. She put her purse on top of them to stop them from falling out the holes in her cart.

She then saw that she had the wrong cat food and went to exchange that. She went through check out and paid for her $40 in merchandise, but forgot the polish under her purse.

She is on medicine that does make her forget things short term. The guards pushed her into a room and accused her of being on drugs, searched her purse and yelled at her when she tried to call her husband.

They called the police and of course no one believed her story that it was a mistake. The female guard opened one of the polishes to show the male guard how it goes on. Cool was his reply.

Since when is that legal?

My daughter tried to tell them that if she wanted to steal she would have put something like the frame she bought which was more money under her purse.

They told her that her claim that she forgot was lame and it would have been better if she said she was out of work and that is why she stole.

She kept crying hysterically as her excuses were what they hear all the time. They took her merchandise and returned it and gave her the money. The cop came and wrote a report and they said she would get a letter.

My 34-year-old daughter has never stolen anything in her life; she is a respectable nanny. What will happen to her reputation is anyone’s guess.

It seems like you are guilty, even when you are innocent at Wal-Mart.

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