Shopping Days Over
Posted: 2008-11-25. Categories: Illinois, Wal-mart

I think that my Walmart shopping days may be over. Customer service is lousy, you can’t just stop in for a few items to save a bit of money and get in and out of the Dixon, Il or Sterling, Il stores. The checkout lines have at least a 10-minute wait. Is there a shortage on cashiers or what?

I have tried those self-checkout lines and that is a big joke! It is difficult to get your item scanned and trying to understand the screen is very frustrating. Asking for help is asking for punishment for being stupid to the system.

Then when I finally get to the real live clerk she says, “You don’t look like you feel very well.” Is this standard practice for Walmart cashiers to make comments to customers about the way they look?

I have had to drive back to the Dixon, Illinois store twice now to pick up items that were left at the checkout because the cashier didn’t put them in my cart and I didn’t realize this until I drove home.

I just can’t do this anymore. I guess I will go to several stores to get what I need, spend a little more, drive a little more, but get a real person who treats me better than I have been treated at Walmart in a very long time. What has happened to Walmart, shopping there used to be a pleasure, now it is a nightmare.

Robin Warrenfeltz,
Franklin Grove, Il.

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