Courtesy Lessons Needed!
Posted: 2008-12-01. Categories: Wal-mart

I went to my local Walmart yesterday. Upon trying to check out the 8 of 35 checkout lanes open were horribly long so having only a few items I choose to use the self checkout.


Not having purchased fabric from Wal-Mart in a good long while I didn’t remember that this was a no-no on the self-check out since you need a cashier to scan this item. I scan all other items then wait for easily two minutes for the hall monitor like cashier to come assist.

The problem I have at this point is she crawls over to my register — I get no vocal “hi,” “bye,” “can I help you,” — nothing — she doesn’t even look at me!

Then she proceeds to robotically punch in a series of codes on the machine, rips off a receipt and walks away – all without saying a word to me.

Mind you, I have not paid for a thing yet. The machine says collect your items.

Now, I knew I needed to pay and go up to her register to finish the transaction but how does she know that I know this? What if I was a naive ten-year-old who just assumed that I was finished?

I was so tempted to just stand there acting dumbfounded until she came back and actually directed me to what she was up to. I went to her register to finish. She told me my total then as I am reaching to hand her the money she walks away to assist someone else without an “excuse me one moment please,” “may I help him first” — nothing. Simply horrible service!

Gone at least two minutes she finally she comes back, takes my money, gives me my change and the horror ends.

Wal-Mart needs to work on courtesy immediately!

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