Different Wal-mart; Different Price
Posted: 2008-12-06. Categories: Oklahoma, Wal-mart

I purchased 4-curtain panels at a Wal-mart Store in Overland Park, KS for $8.00 each. 2-days later while in Oklahoma City, I attempted to purchase additional curtain panelsĀ — the exact same but the OKC Wal-mart was charging $16.94 per panel, over 100% increase.

I had my receipt from the Kansas store and spoke with 4-different employees including the store manager who all told me “different Wal-mart, different price.” They would not adjust the price of the curtains in the OKC store, stating that it was their policy and Wal-mart could basically charge what they wanted.

I phoned the corporate headquarters and received the same answer. Different Wal-mart, different price, and that was their trade policy.

This just goes to show that Walmart does fleece the public.

Walmart sucks!

Categories: Oklahoma, Wal-mart
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