New or Used Sony Vaio?
Posted: 2009-02-09. Categories: California, CompUSA, Retail Stores

CompUSA Passes Off Used Goods As New

Hi Annette,

I just had a pretty bad experience with CompUSA (Concord, CA) that I would like to share.

I went into the store and purchased a Sony Vaio S560P/B, of which they only had one left. As the salesperson was writing up the order he started to talk about the return policy and quickly mentioned that the seal on the box had been opened. The seal being opened was directed towards the return policy but nothing else and he even told me that I would have nothing to worry about.

I got home and started loading some software when I started having problems with the Vaio. The computer was freezing up during the installation process. I took the computer back the next day and had the technician look at it.

At this point he explained to me that this computer was probably a demo or a returned item. He seemed to know the computer and the fact that the seal was broken and then explained to me in more detail about the broken seal.

The reason I am upset is the fact that the salesperson never explained to me what seal being broken could represent and that the fact that this was not a discounted item or an item being sold as used. I went in buy a new computer and I thought I could rely on them to sell me one.

I spoke to the manager and he just blew it off and finally refunded me my money. I am concerned that this could be happening to other people.

No Name,

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear No Name,

    Thank you for alerting potential CompUSA shoppers to the danger of broken seals. Computers come with seals for a reason. I’m sure your post will save others from the grief of having to return used merchandize sold as new.

    I’ve heard some very good things about Vaio, I wonder how they would feel about this reseller, misrepresenting their product?

    ~Retail Bandit