Tucson Money Changers
Posted: 2009-03-10. Categories: Arizona, Restaurants, Subway

I visited my local Subway Restaurant, in Tucson, Arizona on Oracle and Wetmore and ordered a turkey plus bacon 6-inch sandwich. The sandwich came to $4.85; I paid with a ten-dollar bill. The clerk did not give me a receipt and when he gave me $1.15 in change, I did not realize that the change was wrong.

When I discovered the shortage, I went back inside to tell them what happened. The clerk asked if I had my receipt. I said sorry but you did not give me one. They had the receipt and proceeded to count the drawer out, right in front of me then explained to me they were only short $1.99.

I calmly explained to them that cashier Tom, was not paying attention and they pretty much told me, “Oh well”. I am now out $4.00, which is a lot for me. The manager has not returned my calls, nor has he been at work for the past 3-days.

I am now livid and have resolved never to eat at subway again, also I will never pay with cash.

Nicole Jones
Sayco Heating and Air
Tucson, Arizona

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Nicole,

    I can’t stress this often enough or loudly enough, always get a receipt! Make it habit, refuse to leave any store until you have one. Save them! I have a receipt for every purchase I’ve made going back 12-years. Of course you don’t have to keep them quite that long.

    Never paying with cash is not the answer. If you are thinking of paying with cash is dangerous, just think what a unscrupulous clerk can do with your credit card. Many people have been ripped off in recent years by store and restaurant clerks who have borrowed their credit card.