English Please!
Posted: 2009-04-10. Categories: Illinois, Restaurants, Subway

Went to a Subway Restaurant at Route 59 and Route 64 in West Chicago, the person waiting on me didn’t speak or understand English and when I got home the bread on the sandwich I ordered was so hard we couldn’t eat them.

I guess what they advertise when they say, “you loose weight by eating Subway” is really true because they are so bad you can’t eat them.

West Chicago, Illinois

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Kenneth,

    I found out the hardway that complaining about Subway is an act of futility. All or at least most Subway Restaurants, are owner operated, and as far as I can tell restaurant owners have a lot of latitude, in regards to what they can and cannot do.

    In a case like this, the best thing you can do is vote with your pocketbook, simply don’t visit that restaurant any more and of course, tell the world about it, so others can avoid making the same mistake.

    Do you ever get to the Hyde Park area? I used to live there a few years back. There is a restaurant called Noodles Etc.. Our family didn’t discover this treasure, until the night before we moved from Hyde Park. Once you’ve tried Noodles, you’ll forget all about Subway.

    Thanks for writing!