Meijers pricing problems
Posted: 2009-05-25. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

I have an ongoing problem with Meijers pricing problems! Seems like the problems are getting worse, but enforcement is non-existent.

Just last week I purchased gourmet coffee for $6.99 a pound, listed as buy one, get one free. When the cashier scanned the item, the charge was $7.99 a pound. I caught the mistake and the cashier actually called back to check my story! I received no compensation. I then called the store back (store #158) talked to the assistant store manager and nothing!

I Filed a complaint with the attorney general of Michigan (Mike Cox) AG#200411266 complaint number (08/09/2004). Still waiting!!!

William Pelak
Rockford, MI

2 Comments to "Meijers pricing problems"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Mr. Pelak received a reply from Meijers store dated August 24, 2004. In the letter from Guest Services Representative, Michele DeBok, Mr. Pelak not only received an apology but a free bag of coffee.

  2. Riley says:

    Why do you feel that you should recieve compensation for this? The scanning award has never been awarded to anyone in the checkout lanes. You grabbed the wrong coffee. It’s always easy if you’re unsure if you’re holding the right item to match the barcode on the sign to the barcode on the item. Doing this should save you a lot the hassle at the checkout lanes.