Your Camera Phone
Posted: 2009-05-30. Categories: Retail Stores, Texas

I live in Texas. Many times the price listed on the shelf for an item is not the price at check out.

In Texas we have a Deceptive Trade Practice law that protects consumers. The advertised price IS what the store must charge otherwise they are subject to being sued for three times the amount of the item plus court cost and attorneys fee.

Camera phones come in handy for proof. I was at a store where they advertised a $60 item on clearance for $5 the department manager said that was an employee’s mistake and that the price was wrong.

I started snapping off pictures of the items with the $5 sign posted and requested to speak to the store manager. He came and said it was $5 to every one there and that cashiers could confirm it by calling him.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Be sure to report this store and send the pictures along to the Attorney General's office. They should do an investigation into their business practices.