Where’s the Pump?
Posted: 2009-06-26. Categories: Wal-mart

I was browsing for a address to the Wal-Mart Headquarters address so I can mail a complaint letter to them when I came across Off the Shelf (now Retail Bandit). I did not realize how many unhappy Wal-Mart consumers there are and you can add me to the list.

I purchased an 18ft x 4ft Sun n Sand Swimming Pool made by Intex that Wal-Mart was selling, last September 2008. It was a very good price, so I purchased it for my sons. Since it was the beginning of fall here in Ohio, I wasn’t about to set the pool up then and thought I would wait till this summer 2009 to set it up.

Yesterday, June 22, 2009 my son and I are pulling stuff out of this huge swimming pool box just to find that half the stuff that was supposed to be included was missing. The most important thing was the filter pump.

I called Intex and they told me that I needed to call the Wal-Mart store where I purchased the pool, because before they ship any of their products out, it is checked to make sure every part is in the box along with being weighed. So, I call the store branch where I purchased the pool and the manager told me that they only warrant purchases 90 days after the sale.

I explained to him that I purchased the pool in the fall and wasn’t going to set it up then but wait till summer. He didn’t want to hear about it and told me that it was my responsibility to check the box before I took it out of the stores doors and that there is nothing he can do.

So, needless to say, I had to purchase a filter pump from Intex that cost me $125.00 on top of the price of the pool, which was around $300.00. I asked the manager of Wal-Mart if they could at least pick up the tab for the cost of the pump considering it was suppose to be in the box in the first place and he told me NO! It was just one pass off to another.

The box appeared to not have been tampered with, otherwise I would not have purchased it, but how dishonest for this store to allow products to be taken out of their packages and put back on the floor for consumers to buy as new.

I am a single mother of two growing boys; I work very hard and cannot afford many things, but wanted to purchase this pool for my sons to enjoy.

I will not spend another dime of my hard earned money at a Wal-Mart ever again. I don’t know if it will do any good to write to corporate about this, but I am going to keep trying. The least Wal-Mart can do is pick up the tab for what it cost to purchase something that should have been included in the original price of the pool anyway.

Thank you for your time.

Char Kubas,
Cleveland Ohio

2 Comments to "Where’s the Pump?"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    According to the Intex website, they have fallen far short of their stated goals.

    We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality, superior service, and low prices. As a result, we've sold more above ground pools than any other company. With that comes experience you can trust.

    I recommend you call them back and asked to speak to a manager, explain the situation and that you expect them to stand behind their product. I have never had a company refuse to make things right. You shouldn't have to pay for the same items twice.

    Do let us know how you make out.

  2. Retail Bandit says:

    Contact information might be helpful. 🙂

    Intex Recreation Corp.
    Consumer Service
    Hours of Operation
    8:30am-5:00pm PST

    U.S Sales Office
    P.O. Box 1440
    Long Beach, CA 90801-1440
    Tel: (310) 549-5400
    Fax: (310) 513-6905