We Miss Sam!
Posted: 2009-07-31. Categories: Louisiana, Wal-mart

I have decided the Wal-mart is just not the store the founder created. I have read some of the complaints and I agree. If Sam were still alive this would not happen. But since he is gone a new Wal-mart has been born.

One complaint that I did not see was the door greeter. It started out as a senior citizen with a very pleasant attitude that made you feel welcome to come to Wal-mart.

I went to a Shreveport, Louisiana Wal-mart and the greeter was a young female that was extremely overweight and could hardly walk. She did not care of a customer came in or not. She was just there to get paid for sitting on her fat butt doing nothing.

I have also found out it is faster to check out in the electronics section, if you just have a few items. I proved this when I got tired of waiting in line and went to the back of the store to check out. I came back to the front to leave and the person I was standing behind was still standing in line waiting.

I have started shopping at Target. The first time I went there after a bad time at Wal-mart there was a man at the checkouts that was directing customers to the shortest line or opening new checkouts if there were too many customers. That is what Wal-mart used to do.

~James Williams

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