Archway Cookies!
Posted: 2009-08-10. Categories: Archway Cookies

Anyone my age (let’s just call us, the over 40 crowd) surely remembers Archway Cookies. I practically grew up eating them.

You can imagine my surprise when I recently began seeing them in stores again. My husband has been faithfully checking every store in our area for my favorite — Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cookies — to no avail.

You can imagine my utter disappointment when I finally wrote down the Archway Cookie phone number (1-888-4Archway or 1-888-427-2492) from a package of cookies and gave them a call to ask about Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cookies — only to find they are no longer being made.

My husband likes their soft Lemon Cookies and their Molasses Cookies are okay but my passion is for┬átheir Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cookies. The phone operator said she didn’t think they had any plans to bring them back.

If you love Archway Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cookies too, please give them a call and ask them to reconsider. Also, please consider posting your comments here about them. Apparently, Archway needs a little (okay a lot) of encouragement.

3 Comments to "Archway Cookies!"

  1. Lydia says:

    I’m glad you reminded me about the ice box chocolate cookies. I can’t imagine why they don’t make them anymore. I actually got on line to find out about their Rocky Road cookies. I have friends who could buy them in Pittsburgh a few years back. But I’m can’t find them in Maryland or on line. I wonder what gives?

  2. katina says:

    i was SO EXCITED when i started seeing the archway cookies back on grocery store shelves! i kept a lookout for their chocolate chip ice box cookies, and when i didn’t see them felt so disappointed! (i thought it would just take a while to get all their products back up and running, and, after patiently waiting, and now seeing this post, it seems as if my hopes are dashed : ( archway, PLEASE bring back your amazing chocolate chip icebox cookies!!! there is no other cookie in the world like your ice box version – the shape, the flavor, the box – all nostalgia for me – and so many others! PLEASE bring them back! i’d be over the moon! : )

  3. Sandra Birmingham says:

    Please start selling your ice box chocolate chip cookies again. We really miss them.