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Posted: 2009-08-14. Categories: California, Retail Stores, Wal-mart

I have a complaint about Wal-Mart in Sacramento, CA on Antelope Road.

August 13, 2009 — I was at the automatic check out station, checking my articles out. I swiped my card in the machine, entered my pin number, and it came up asking if I wanted money back. I started to hit “NO” when all of a sudden the machine started to roll and it came up approved.

Cash-RegisterI noticed at the cash register it said that I asked for $100.00 back. I yelled at the cashier and told her ” I didn’t want money back, this machine rolled fast and I didn’t hit anything!” She said, “Well you had to hit something.”

I told I didn’t hit anything, the machine rolled so fast that it didn’t give me the chance to hit “NO.” She again said that I had to hit something. I didn’t hit anything!

I went to the main desk and as I was explaining to the girl, another girl came up and stared talking to the one who was helping me. That made me angrier, and I told them wait a minute I am talking, you both started talking to each other. The girl that came up said she wanted to know what the problem was.

I explain the whole thing again and said there was nothing she could do about it. I yelled, “Bull shit if you can’t do something about it! Fix your damned machines! She said, “The machine needs to be reset.”

I told her I would watch her and for her to call a supervisor over and have the supervisor watch to make sure she did reset it.

We walked over to aisle 30 and the machine was set. Also a supervisor came over and then I was told they were sorry it happened but I would have to redeposit my money back into my account. Get this — I have to correct a mistake they make! What lousy service!

Wal-Mart hires uneducated, rude, lazy, untidy people! I realize people need work and to make a living too, but come on, why do we have to correct mistakes these idiots make? They should go around everyday to check and reset those machines making sure they are in good running order for people. After all, it is our money!

V. Rose Sacramento, CA

2 Comments to "Auto Checkout Counter"

  1. Matt says:

    You sound like the type that anyone in the service industry would try to avoid. What did you expect…Them to drive to your bank and put the money back in? Or, they COULD deposit the money back into your bank, but they would need your PIN, and card. What would you prefer, perform the excruciating, laborious task yourself, or give them your PIN and card?

    And, how did one of the “uneducated, rude, lazy, untidy” people make that mistake? They weren’t the ones pushing the buttons, YOU were.

    Lastly, what is the big deal about getting $100 cash? You’re not losing any money. I realize that some people would prefer to keep their money in their bank, but you completely overreacted for the situation.

  2. Tim says:

    I personally working in customer service avoid customers like YOU because of your unwillingness to even attempt to wrap your head around the situation. There ARE some situations like that where a mistake can be made and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that the store can do to correct it.

    I know for a fact that the machines are programmed to wait for USER (meaning you) to provide input on cash back. And yes, while I would apologize for the inconvenience, there is nothing that I would be able to do in that situation. While I would be courteous and professional to you in the situation, I would expect the same from you.

    Responding with an attitude like that is an excellent way to not get anywhere in your situation. When a customer responds to me or any other one of the team members in my store, we are instantly a lot less unwilling to go out of our way to take care of anything because we expect to be treated with respect, just like we treat you.