Roaming Rodents!
Posted: 2009-08-31. Categories: Illinois, Retail Stores, Wal-mart

RatI went to Wal-Mart today in the south Kankakee store, Sunday, August 30th. We were shopping in the pet department where I saw several rats running about.  I had told the manager about the rat issue and the manager (Branden) said that the store had traps set up already and were working on the issue.

However, these stores have food departments for people to do their grocery shopping.  And the manager didn’t take any more concern that these rodents could possibly be running about where the cereal, meat, bread, and other grocery items are being housed.

It makes me sick to see these things and know that the store hasn’t taken a more serious approach, like calling in professionals to rid the rats. I’m sure the health department wouldn’t like to hear about this serious health problem!  Gross!

Gregory W.
Kankakee, IL

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  1. Doug C says:

    We have EXACTLY the same experience at the Walmart in Essington PA near Philadelphia – we saw rats in the dog food isle, the manager said “we’re working on it” and we were grossed out and couldn’t buy food at Walmart.