After Holiday Shopping
Posted: 2009-09-12. Categories: Meijer, Retail Stores, Wal-mart

Never wait until after a holiday to shop at Walmart.

I live near both a Walmart Supercenter and a Meijer Store in Grand Rapids, MI. I almost always shop at Meijer as they are doing a bang-up job of competing with Walmart, but there are just a few things that I have found at Walmart that are much cheaper, so I wait until I have a list of things and go there once a month or so.

I went to my local Walmart store on Wednesday September 9, 2009.

To begin with I dislike shopping at this Walmart store, because apparently newly built stores (this one was just built in 2008) do not have finished floors. The floor is just concrete and it is a dreary red color.  Not only is it ugly, but it makes the store less bright.

I prefer to shop at a store which has white tile floors because the floors reflect the lights from the ceiling and make everything much easier to see in addition to brightening up my mood.

My list consisted of Extra Watermelon multipack (which Meijer doesn’t carry), Ajax Antibacterial Dish Liquid (64oz /$2.94), Brillo Soap Pads (18ct/$2.12), Orville Redenbacher Popping Corn (45oz/$4), and Folger’s Gourmet Coffee  (12oz/$4.88).

THE ONLY ITEM that they had in stock was the coffee. No kidding.

The Brillo Pads have apparently been discontinued and all that was on the shelf were SOS pads at $2.88. (Brillo shelf tags were gone as well.)  The Ajax shelf was empty as were the hooks that normally held stacks of Extra gum. The Orville Redenbacher Popping Corn was completely sold out but I could buy a bag of Great Value Popping Corn (didn’t look at the size) for less than $2.00.

So, aside from the coffee the entire trip was a waste of my time. I might just purchase my Folger’s from Meijer instead and pay the extra $2 just to avoid walking into Walmart and coming out in a bad mood.

Lisa in Grand Rapids, MI

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