Avoiding the Fire
Posted: 2009-11-10. Categories: California, Sonora

I’m in the process of changing all my appliances over to stainless steel, in hopes they will be easier to keep looking nice. At least that’s the theory.

My microwave looks like it’s survived a war, but it works like a champ. When we first got it, we overcooked everything. We called it “the microwave from hell” because everything that came out of it was hotter than hades. True story. The exterior is white of course, or rather it was at one time.

I’ve been trying to replace it with a stainless steel model. I want one that isn’t made of tin, has a nice finish and one with a browning element would be just the ticket. I rarely use the microwave because I don’t believe they are healthy but I can’t talk the boys into living without one. I have a convection oven that I just love.

Firefighter Super HeroI found just the ticket at our local OSH store, for just $129.00, quite a bargain when you consider they have the exact same model on Amazon for $162.79. I was very surprised. I checked Sears as well for the GE: JES1384SF 1.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven, sure enough they had the exact same model for $159.00.

So, we went back to OSH to pick one up, when I had a feeling we should check for reviews and I’m sure glad we did. Apparently, a couple of people who had purchased the microwave, actually had them burst into flames. A few people loved it but, my guess is they haven’t owned it for very long.

I’ve gotten in the habit of checking for reviews on Amazon before I make a purchase. It’s one way to help avoid costly mistakes. Of course, not everyone uses appliances the same way, so you have to use your own good judgment and read between the lines. I don’t automatically agree with every poster on their opinion of a product. That said, I pay attention when you start talking about a fire in my kitchen. 

Speaking of fires. Have you heard that your cell phone car charger can cause a fire in your vehicle, if you leave it plugged in and unattended? There are reports of cars catching fire overnight inside the garage. I make it a policy to avoid fire whenever possible — especially since we live in the forest.

I’ll keep you posted on my purchase, in the meantime, if you have a suggestion, I’m all ears.

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