Meijer Thanksgiving Day Ad
Posted: 2009-12-04. Categories: Meijer

I actually need help on this.

Meijer refused to give me a rain check on an item for their Thanksgiving Day Ad. However, the only thing listed for the item, was a limit of 2. Nothing about a limited quantity or no rain checks. Other items had this written, but this didn’t.

I know they are obligated to give me that item at that price. But since they didn’t, I remember someone telling me that I should be getting the item for free.

Is this true?


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3 Comments to "Meijer Thanksgiving Day Ad"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear John,

    I would recommend filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in your state. Since, you don’t indicate in your post where you live, it’s hard to say what the law is in your state.

    Have you tried contacting Meijer’s corporate office?

  2. Kris says:

    John, you’re problem should’ve been answered for you in the first sentence, “Meijer refused to give me a rain check on an item for their THANKSGIVING DAY AD”. It’s a sale for what day? THANKSGIVING. rain checks are for sales of the week, not of the day or for a certain amount of time. You can request a substitute item, as far as i know that’s all you’re entitled to.
    As a matter of fact your case doesn’t hold any water, seeing as there’s no information here. What was the item, how much was it, post the exact description from the ad. I HAVE to re-write the entire ad and all its information when writing a rain check, it cannot be so difficult for you to read the whole ad.

  3. Riley says:

    Meijer has the right to decline any type of raincheck that it pleases, even if it’s the weekly add. Rainchecks are merely for customer satisfaction NOT an obligation. Kris was right, next time you can just ask the cashier if he could check on issuing a substitute item.