Comcast Pretzel Logic
Posted: 2010-01-13. Categories: Comcast, Twain Harte

I just received a phone call from Comcast. I am simply livid. They called to inform me that my bill was past due. Well, how can that be? Since reactivating my cable service through Comcast only a month ago, I’ve never received a bill from them. Not one.

Apparently, they are sending the bills to my house. Since we can’t receive mail here at home, that is a problem. Why they would be sending the bills to my home instead of my P.O. Box, which is the address we’ve always received our bill at — is beyond me.

Comcast Pretzel Logic

I explained to the representative that I’d be happy to pay the bill, once I receive one. She actually interrupted me to inform me that my service was scheduled for disconnection! Would I like to make a payment now.

So, I ask her to hold and told my husband what she said. Now he is as upset as I am.

What kind of morons work at Comcast? This is the third incident I’ve had with them — and we’ve only had the service on a month. My husband says he doesn’t care what I do about it. I tell their representative to cancel our account — turn it off.


Now, she informs me that I have to call… I interrupted her this time with… “I’m not calling anywhere…”

She says, then your service is staying on and we will continue to bill you.

Oh really? I haven’t received one yet and I’m expected to believe anything you people say?

Let’s see if they can manage to send me an actual bill or if they decide to forego the bill and cancel my account for non-payment. Talk about pretzel logic. Frankly, at this point I could care less if they shut off my cable. I am so sick of fighting with their employees.

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Well, here it is Tuesday at 9:38 PM 1/19/2010 and there hasn’t been any word from Comcast. I still haven’t received a bill and my service is still connected.

    Since the representative didn’t bother to inform me just how long I had to pay before they disconnect my service, I have no idea if my bill will arrive before my service is turned off.

    I’ve decided if they shut me off, due to their error, they can just leave it turned off for good. I am still shaking my head over the conversation I had with their customer service representative. I can’t seem to even type that, without laughing. “Customer Service” what a joke.

  2. Amy Anonymous says:

    Get THIS – I once had the gas company cut my gas nine days before I got ANY notice!

    And I DO get mail at my residence.

    I called and pleaded hardship with children – they refused to accept a partial payment and demanded a $150 deposit AND a $100 re-connect fee on TOP of my bills I owed on, and it was all due in full at that time.

    Two days later, I had the money for them for the bill (but not enough for a re-connect fee and deposit) and tried to argue No Notification.

    They stopped the account and sent it to collections. I put Counsel on the account so an agreement could be hammered out and they refused to work with us. Then Child Protective Services showed up just two hours later…

    NEVER apologize to anyone you don’t love – it will bite you in the rear end. NEVER tell a stranger you don’t know that you are in need – you will be screwed over specifically for that reason.