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Posted: 2010-02-05. Categories: Rite Aid Pharmacy

Have you ever wondered if the products in those to-good-to-be-true ads are for real? After all, some of their claims are rather pie-in-the-sky like. I decided to try a few products that I’ve seen advertised recently.

At my local Rite-Aid I picked up a bottle of “Heel Tastic.” My heels are always cracked and bleeding. I’ve tried close to every product on the market — ok, maybe I exaggerate a tad but believe me, I have an entire shelf in my closet devoted to foot products intended to make the heels of my feet smooth and blemish free.

Well, if I saw it advertised on television, it must be true. Right?

Heel Tastic

I’ve been using Hell Tastic for about two weeks now. I have to tell you my heels are looking much nicer than usual and would probably look even better if I had used the product faithfully everyday.  I’ve treated my heels around 10 times in the past two weeks. I believe it’s a fair trial.

The product has a strange odor but it’s not really offensive. The one advantage this product has over every single other heel oilment, plain old vaseline and other creams and lotions is exactly the reason I wanted to try it. Heel Tastic comes in a deodorant looking solid that is applied to the heel, without getting your hands greasy.

Part of the reason I don’t take better care of my feet is that it requires me to get my hands all greasy. With Heel Tastic I unscrew the top, rub the waxy substance on my heels (and the top of my toes), pull on a pair of white cotton socks. Heel Tastic works it’s magic while I sleep and I don’t have to wash my hands three times to get the grease off.

I plan to keep a container of Heel Tastic in the house from now on.  

Turbo Snake

The second product I purchased was the Turbo Snake. We’ve had a terrible time keeping our drains clean, especially the bathroom sink and tub. We’ve purchased three large bottles of top quality drain cleaner in the past 12-months or so. The drain cleaner tends to help a little, for a short period of time but the results never last long.

I saw a commercial for the Turbo Snake and wondered to myself if it could really be that simple.

I tried the bathroom sink first. I struggled to get the snake down the drain, pushing and wiggling it further and further down the drain. I pulled up a small glob of hair, cleaned off the velcro looking pad and pushed it down again. After about four passes, the drain was clear and draining much better.

The tub was another story. I tried one side of the drain and couldn’t manage to push the Turbo Snake through, so I pulled it out and tried another side. I managed to bring up a glob of hair. On my third attempt, I pulled up so much hair that I had to grab a pair of hemostats to pull it up.

I have to tell you, it was gross and disgusting — a job I would rather have foregone. However, the water now drains and that little Turbo Snake did it’s job. The Turbo Snake comes with a hook with which to hang it up with but we’ve decide to throw this one away and buy a new one to keep on hand.

Cleaning off those pads is a nasty job and you simply can’t get all the gunk off the pad. On a brighter note, even buying another set of Turbo Snakes is cheaper than buying drain cleaner, better for the environment and the Turbo Snake does what it says it will do.

Have you tried any really good products that work? Tell us about it.

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