Staples loses loyal customers
Posted: 2010-09-12. Categories: California, Sonora, Staples

Dear Staples Customer Service Department,

My husband Shawn and I have been loyal Staples customers for the past 10 years, often spending in excess of $15,000 a year. I’m just writing to let you know that we have taken our business elsewhere and will no longer be frequenting Staples, nor will we be recommending your business to our clients. (Another $40,000 or more.)

Several of the employees at this location have been rude and just plain unhelpful, refusing to treat us with respect. We have complained to Mary, the store manager. She apologized for the trouble we had with an assistant manager and promised to take care of the problem. On our next visit, my husband was informed by Dennis (another assistant manager) that we were not welcome in your store.

Apparently, you don’t mind losing our business but I can assure you the drop in revenue from this store will be noticable and due directly to rude, incompetent staff. We have listened as your employees sell good customers items they don’t need and more importantly, won’t meet their needs. It’s disgraceful that Staples would tolerate such poor work ethics in your employees.

Respectfully submitted,

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