Meijer two for one barcodes
Posted: 2010-12-18. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

I purchased two different and separate packages of Barbie outfits at Meijer recently and they were both marked $4.99 (with a price sticker) but scanned at $5.99. When the clerk rang them up, instead of ringing each one separately because they were, after all, different outfits with different bar codes, she rang them up as two at $5.99 each.

On the receipt, it showed two of the same item with same barcodes scanned at $5.99 each. I caught the scan error and went to the service desk for my refund and bounty. The clerk at the service desk gave me the $1 difference on each item but would only give me the $5 bounty on one item. He said that you could only get one bounty when it is the same item rang up more than once on the same receipt.

I told him I thought that was wrong and that they were two different outfits — with two different barcodes that the cashier rang up as the same thing twice.

He argued that it did not matter, he was going by the receipt and he was right and only gave me $5 bounty on one of the two items. He had the items there in his hand, knew the barcodes were different and saw what the cashier did by ringing them up as if they were two of the same thing. Was he right?

I argued that if I had gave one of them to my daughter and had her pay separately, he would have had to give her the difference and the $5 bounty because it was on another receipt so his idea made no sense anyway.

I do not recall the scanner law limiting the bounty to only one item per receipt, if more than one scans at a higher price. Can you tell me if he was wrong, and what is the policy on more than one item, on the same receipt being eligible for the scanner refund?

I also had a cashier at Pamida tell me that I had to actually leave the store to get a scanner refund and read here that was also wrong. It is unbelievable what lengths some stores will go to the avoid paying the scanner refund!

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