‘Exempt From Tagging’
Posted: 2011-01-27. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

Michigan should keep the item pricing law. I hope they do. Business are still violating the act.

The spirit of the act was to protect the consumer from incorrect computer scanning equipment. I just returned from Meijer and they still will not pay the bounty unless the item has a price tag on it.  The manager I spoke with insisted unless it has a price tag on it, it is exempt from being priced correctly.

They are confusing the “exempt from tagging” with exempt from scanning correctly.
Judy B.
Michigan Scanning Law, Opinion

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  1. lola says:

    the only way you get the scan award, (not bounty) is when the item is priced lower than what it rings up. What it rings up in the system is usually the correct price, and someone just marked the product wrong. It doesn’t qualify for signs or tags on the shelf. So if what you bought didn’t have a price sticker on it for a lower price you are not entitled to the award. Most stores will still change the price for you, just not give you the extra money.