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It was during our recent series of power outages that I became hyper-aware of our energy usage and ways even an already frugal person (like myself) can cut back on energy costs.

An early November snowstorm created wholesale havoc, where once again technology and nature collided. We were without electricity for six-days. Fortunately, we were able to locate and procure a sweet Honeywell 5500 Generator that has served us well for the past three power outages.

It wasn’t until our second outage that we weren’t so sure our generator was everything we had hoped. For no apparent reason what-so-ever it began to simply shut itself down. We located the reset switch and we’d be right back up and running. I finally surmised it was a failsafe switch, intended to prevent overload.

In order to prove my theory. The entire family set out to complete an energy audit. Shawn set up a spreadsheet in excel and each member of the family listed every electrical appliance on a room-by-room basis. Then we located the wattage each appliance used and created a list of just those items that were currently in use. As a family we made recommendations for where we could cut power usage and ultimately reduce our energy spending.

It was after our audit that we discovered we were putting too heavy of a load on our generator. The fix was so simple. We have two Dr. Heater heaters in the house that have both a high and low setting. On the high setting it uses 1500 watts of power, on the low setting it only uses 750 watts. If we set both heaters to low, we could easily run both at the same time. However, the minute we turned one or both on high, the failsafe switch would trip.

We were surprised at just how little energy some appliances use. We were just as shocked by how much some were using. Completing our energy audit has made us all much more aware of our electrical usage and ways we can cut down on our energy bills.

In celebration of Earth Day, Procter & Gamble has created a free eco-friendly application.

Procter & Gamble Introduces Free Eco-Friendly Application for Future Friendly Initiative 

–Carbon Footprint Gauge Will Become Available on Earth Day–

Northbrook, IL – March 30, 2011 – Procter & Gamble, in partnership with its grocery retail partners, is providing shoppers the opportunity to get a better understanding of their personal impact on the planet with a fun new iPhone, iPad or Droid enabled application. The app, called “My Carbon Footprint,” is an interactive, social media-enabled carbon footprint gauge powered by P&G’s Future Friendly initiative.  It will become available on Earth Day, April 22.

Users will be able to generate their own personal planet based on their responses to simple multiple choice questions like, “What is the gas mileage of the car you drive in most often?” Once their planet has been established, users will be able to enhance (or reduce) the quality of their ecosystem by answering a question of the day. They will also receive tips to help them make simple choices, which can create meaningful results. Users will be able to post those sustainable tips to their Facebook walls.

“Our goal is to help our partners at P&G spread the word that the little changes we make every day can have a big impact on the environment,” said Stanton Kawer, CEO of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, which developed the application for P&G. “Hopefully this app will make us all a little more future friendly.”

Consumers can sign up now to receive a reminder for the Earth Day launch date by simply scanning a QR code printed on point-of-sale materials at any of 10,000 participating stores, or going to or searching the iTunes store or Android market.

About Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

Founded in 1982 in Northbrook, Illinois, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide ( is an independent, full-service global marketing agency that unites brands to sales to deliver unparalleled results. Through 360° insights, proprietary models and detailed execution, BCMW delivers core marketing capabilities for the retail, healthcare and branding sectors. Clients include Procter & Gamble, Gorton’s, Weight Watchers, Blue Bunny, Fisher, On-Cor, Biosante Pharmaceuticals, InVentive Healthcare and Alva Amco, among others.

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