Wendy’s has fish!
Posted: 2011-03-06. Categories: Wendy's

“Wendy’s has fish,” may not be news to you but to those of us deprived souls who live out in the sticks, where yes, we have McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell and Jack-in-Box — we just tried it out for the first time.

Actually, I mean I had a fish sandwich from Wendy’s today. Their fish sandwiches used to be my favorite — right behind Friendly’s “Fishwich.” I make them at home occasionally but it’s never quite the same.

I love going to Wendy’s whenever I get the chance and being able to order fish there today was such a treat for me. I ordered mine without lettuce — whose bright idea was it to put lettuce on fish? Totally gross. The bun was soft, fresh and tasted perfect, which is rare from any fast food joint!  The fish was flaky and tender, I could actually tell that the fish was cod. The breading was okay, they used Panko crumb breading, which really didn’t do the rest of the sandwich any favors.

Kudos to Wendys for leaving the chopped onion out of the tartar sauce. McDonald’s could learn a thing or two from Wendy’s top chef. My sandwich could have used a little more tartar sauce. You just can’t skimp on the tartar sauce.

I’m the kind of person who normally complains when a restaurant changes their menu — especially when they remove my favorite food from it. Red Lobster is notorious for that. They are on my list right now — well that’s a topic for another day.

I wasn’t too happy when I learned that Wendy’s had changed their french fries but I have to tell you… I don’t even miss the old fries. Their natural cut fries topped with sea salt are totally awesome. They couldn’t be better if I made them myself.

Of course, I ordered a frosty. Am I the only one that gets annoyed when asked “chocolate or vanilla”? It’s Wendy’s — to me a frosty is and only ever will be chocolate. I’m sure I would like the vanilla frosty but I get to eat at Wendy’s only a couple times a year — my only opportunity to have a frosty. No way would I want to spoil the moment by ordering vanilla.

I can’t wait for my next visit to Wendy’s. I hope it’s soon. Another Wendy’s Fish Sandwich, Fries and a Frosty! Now that’s my idea of heaven on earth.

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