Boomers “Fun” Day
Posted: 2011-04-16. Categories: California, Sonora

A beautiful spring day is perfect for mini golf, go carts and bumper boats, so we met up with friends at Boomers in Modesto, CA to let the kids play together for an afternoon.

Boomers - Modesto, CA

The first thing I noticed were the prices. Wow, I recall taking my son to a similar place in Sacramento (Scandia) and spending $20 per person for an entire day of fun. I was pretty shocked to find Boomers is charging $29.99 for just 6-hours. They offer a $5.00 savings if you purchase your ticket online in advance.

We purchased a 4-hour wrist band for our son for $24.99. Had that been the price for an all-day band, we would have probably bought one for each of us but since I’m having shoulder issues, we only bought the one ticket this time.

Frankly, even with the higher prices it might have been worth it but this place has a crew of young people who simply don’t care. We stood in line for over 30-minutes waiting to buy a wrist band. There were only SEVEN people in front of us when we got in line, and there were TWO registers open. The clerk didn’t seem to know what he was doing and what’s worse, he didn’t care how long we had been waiting.

We went with the kids to play mini golf and I was surprised to see how much garbage and stuff was on the course. The greens had not been cleaned, there were leaves and tree debris that had not been cleared and trash littered the ground. It was like playing golf through Chernobyl.

The last straw for me was when I had to use the restroom. Oh, my. The ladies room had toilet paper all over the floor, the counter and in most of the toilets and that wasn’t the half of it. Let’s face it, when you have a large crowd of kids, you will have messes. It’s just part of life — the part that upset me was when I tried to bring it to the staff’s attention.

The first young lady I told, attempted to ignore me at first. She continued walking, (and may have even stepped up her pace a tad) until I was finally able to make it plain to her that I wanted her attention. She stopped only long enough to tell me that I should tell someone “up front” about the restroom. I’m not sure where “up front” is in a round building with two doors, so I told two more people that I managed to corner in the dining area. They acted like they didn’t care either, so I left.

I came outside to grab my phone to take some pictures. Then I went back to the mini golf course to snap up some pictures of the family, who were just finishing up the course. After about 20 minutes or so, I decided it was time to go back and check on the bathroom. Wouldn’t you know it? Nothing had been touched.

I am not impressed with this place and though we live close enough that we could make good use of a season pass, I’ll take “pass” and spend my money somewhere else. I’m looking for someplace reasonably priced with staff who care about their visitors. I’d appreciate any suggestions for the Modesto area.

Boomers was a bust as far as this family is concerned.

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