Depressing 4th of July Weekend
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Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia

If you are out enjoying yourself, really enjoying yourself this weekend, consider yourself blessed. We didn’t even make it to the “holiday” part of the weekend before disaster struck and and shattered our dreams of spending the holiday with our family. [Read about it here.] Almost everyone I know is having a rough time this holiday. If we are truly honest with ourselves, none of us really feel like celebrating anyway.

Everyone knows our soldiers have been made pawns in a game to send our nations wealth to the Arab nations and third world countries and leave us in ruins. The writing is on the wall. Our own debt and greed will be our demise. We have vast resources at our disposal but wealthy men and women have made plans for this nation and they don’t include retaining any semblance of freedom or liberty. Without liberty why bother celebrating? Sure, we all smile and put on a face, but and we know every time we walk into Walmart, we might as well be air mailing our dollars straight to China.

By and large our (I’ll use this term lightly) “leaders” are greedy, slimy, evil men (and even a few women) who want it all and they don’t care how they get it. We’ve been swindled, raped, robbed and beaten into submission with incredibly stupid and immoral laws and policies that do more harm than good and those who wrote them are rewarded with one more term in office for their efforts.

During what is known as the “war years,” men were somehow bolder and braver, they walked a little taller (sit down Hillary, no one asked you), stood straighter and spoke plain. They were men of honor and pride who would die for their country. Today, I see cowards and traitors, men I wouldn’t waste my time to walk across the street to see, let alone support. Where are our brave, honest men? Where are those men with integrity, uncompromising and proud?

For all of his faults, I loved Richard Nixon. He had a reputation for getting his hands dirty, earning him the nickname of, “Tricky Dick”. He lied, he conived, he scammed and scratched a few backs – but in spite of all that I have to say, Obama isn’t fit to shine Nixon’s shoes. Obama has no integrity, he has no honor, he has disgraced the United States of America in ways that would have been unthinkable to any previous sitting President or their wives. The squatters in the White House should be ashamed of the job they are doing, the money they have squandered while using that highly regarded 1600 Pennsylvania address and the way they have represented this nation to foreign dignitaries, it is just shameful.

I’m looking for a real life HERO; I hope you are, too. If you know someone who you believe to be a real life hero; a man of his word, possessing an air of honor, trustworthy, someone of good reputation, a leader, please encourage them to run for office — any office and tell us about him or her. I would love to vote for a respectable candidate in the next election. I am willing to work hard to elect the right individual. Conservatives need to get behind someone — regardless of party affiliation. If the liberals can continue to divide conservative votes between several parties, they will win in 2011 and we will lose and be stuck with Obama — think Ross Perot, the spoiler.

The only way around this is to vote for the best man for the job. (Sorry ladies, I rarely vote for women. Now if Sarah Palin runs for office, I could see myself supporting her. I think she’s just great.) We need to focus on bringing the money back home — support America — support your neighbor. Stop shopping at Walmart. Stop shopping at Lowes. Start making your own bread, growing your own veggies or join a local food cooperative. Take care of your neighbors, volunteer at the local food bank. Share with those in need and always give more than you take.

There are lots of good hearted people in this country. I am totally amazed at the generosity of others and even with my own generosity at times. Let’s support America this 4th of July and every day the rest of the year. We can recover, but we need to pay attention, speak out and do what’s right. I am doing my best to support this country.

For the past few years I’ve been buying pots and pans, since I threw out my old ones – they couldn’t be used on the glass top range. I only had 2 pans left, they were made in the U.S.A. by Vollrath. My husband felt so badly about the deer that he tried to cheer me up by purchasing a 20 quart (we wanted another Vollrath pot but they were out of stock) American Kitchen pot by Regal Ware, also sporting the American Made label. I will be using it to make my incredible Chicken Paprikash, just as soon as the weather cools. I have an 8 quart pot but it’s much too small for making spaetzle noodles, which I adore.

Whether we buy a new pot, purchase a toaster or a shovel, check out that label. It isn’t always possible to find the items we need with the “Made in the U.S.A.” label but each dollar we spend on good ‘ole homegrown items, is one less dollar we sent to China and India. We shop our locally owned market, putting money back into our local community. One pot or one toaster may not seem like much, but every little bit helps in the end. Happy 4th of July!

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