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I’d have to look up the date to be sure but about 2 years ago, my husband and I were interested in purchasing a futon for the living room. We wanted something functional, with lots of storage space because we were living in cramped quarters and we had to make the most of every square inch of our house — and we did.

We did our homework and shopped around our local area. We checked online to see what was available, we compared prices and quality, until we finally found what we were looking for. We try to shop locally as often as we can, to support our locally owned businesses. It helps keep our money, in our community. We stopped in to shop…

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Sonora Mattress Outlet

The sales lady was very sweet and helpful. She asked us all the right questions and gave us a tour of their showroom and available outfits.

We ordered a tobacco stained oak futon frame, the best futon mattress they carried, a set of drawers, two magazine racks and two flip-top arms for storing things like remote controls. The price tag came in at just under $900. We even purchased an additional mattress cover — I don’t know what I was thinking, but I actually picked up a purple cover.

The next day when the couch was delivered, the deliverymen were fast, efficient and very kind. We even gave them a small gratuity to show our appreciation. We were thrilled with our purchase and happy to support a local business.

About a week or so later, I discovered a crack running with the grain in one of the flip top arms. I was concerned that the wood would crack the entire length of the arm and break off – and even if this never happened, it was uncomfortable (quite scratchy) to the touch. So, I called the store, explained the problem to the owner, who assured me that he would order the arm but it would take at least a couple of weeks to order it. No big deal, the arm isn’t broken and I was just happy to have one more item checked off my to-do-list for that day.


A couple of months passed and still I had not heard anything about the arm, so I called and spoke with the owner a second time. He told me that he had ordered the arm, he would check into the order and get back with me. I thanked him for his help and hung up.

Another month went past, so I decided to make a spur-of-the-moment stop to check into the arm for a 3rd time. After a short wait, the owner came out to speak with me. He said that he was sorry, he didn’t know what the problem was, he would look into it and call me back. I left him my name and number once again.

The good news is that the arm is still in the same condition, it has not broken in half, as I had feared. The disappointing part of the story is that I no longer trust this local businessman. (I’m sorry I have forgotten his name and I’m too lazy to call and find out.)

I am writing this review, not to “get back at” the Sonora Mattress Outlet store, but to warn others about my problem. I know when I spend my money, even on good quality furniture — and don’t get me wrong — the furniture is very nice — we really love it — even after two years of use.

His lack of even the courtesy of a telephone call, tells me that he has my money, so he’s done, and the rest is my problem. I know there are several more pieces of furniture that go with the futon we ordered and we were interested in purchasing a matching coffee table and chair futon but we’ve decided to look somewhere else because we want to shop where we are treated as a valued customer.

I am certain our warranty is no longer valid and that is okay with me. I still believe I made a wise purchase. My husband enjoys relaxing on the futon. Do you know we haven’t lost a single remote control since they delivered it? It’s very comfortable to sleep on, and it is in terrific shape.

I know there is a furniture dealer out there somewhere, who cares about customer satisfaction and will deal with his or her customers fairly and honestly. We intend to ask around locally before we order any more furniture. Maybe you can help?

Who do you recommend and why?

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