Tribeca: One year review
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Our Tribeca is nearly a year old and I wanted to give you an update.

Subaru Tribeca

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First, I have to say overall I love it but there are a few little things I wish I had known before I purchased it. Okay, so the third row seating is tight; to be fair, we never use it anyway. If we had to pick someone up at the airport or something we might. But I would never use it on purpose, there just isn’t enough room.

Probably the thing that I hate the most is that the back of the vehicle simply won’t stay clean. Apparently, the muffler’s in the wrong place or something but no matter how hard I try, the area around the license plate and around the light gets really dirty. It doesn’t seem to interfere with the review camera.

The back hatch would be perfect, if you were a 300 pound weight lifter — who could use a workout. It’s real tough to open and close. That’s why if I’m going shopping and I’m alone I take the Outback.

We have actually had any trouble with it, unless you count the set of tires we bought. My husband ran into a curb and popped the tire. That was an ordeal. We had to take the vehicle to an authorized Goodyear Tire Company because Sonora Subaru isn’t an authorized distributor. That was more that just a little frustrating. Though to be honest, it wasn’t the fault of the vehicle.

I guess my biggest compliant is with the navigation system. We have to press “okay” every time we start it, and the passenger can’t use it unless the vehicle is in park, which simply infuriates me. There’s suppose to be a crack for it. When Shawn gets the time I’ll have him try to disable this “feature”.  I did manage to get him to disable that stupid noise that goes off when you don’t fasten your seat belt.

So, far, so good. I love the heated seats! And I can’t tell you how many times those puddle lights have came in handy. I’ve hardly used the moon roof, most of the time when we are going anywhere we go as a family and Shawn hates bright lights. Maybe, I’ll get a chance to use them this year?

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