You’ll be screaming “SOS”, all right.
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SOS Online Backup? You’ll be screaming “SOS”, all right.

SOS Online Backup

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15¬†months ago today I signed up for the SOS Online Backup “reseller” service. The price was fair (though not wonderful) at $79/mo for 100gb storage space (that’s about 15x the current cost of the hardware). I was most interested in the “unlimited versioning” of all backup files. This could be of major use to someone like myself, who administers hundreds of computers for various clients, and several servers where versioned backups would be very nifty.

I was in the middle of a couple large projects, and simply didn’t have the time to devote to learning the new system, so put it off a couple weeks. When I finally did dig into the interface I learned that the back-end was designed by monkeys or their programmer equivalents. The interface did not provide one-step anything, and the “report” views each required additional clicks even after visiting that section. Basically, while it had good potential, it left a lot to be desired. Of course, saying a business reseller service has potential is pretty much the same thing as saying it’s useless in it’s current state.

With that in mind, I used the SOS reseller support system to try to cancel my account. Then waited a few days for a response. Then tried again. Still no response. Third time was a charm, though, as they finally replied with a message that basically said, “sorry, even though you provided me with your information, I can’t find your account.” What I took from that is that their interface is really that bad, that even their own support staff can’t figure out how to use it!

Okay, so what are my options? Do they expect me to have more account information than they ever even provided to me? I just supplied the same information again in my response. I didn’t even have any other information, so the only way they had any hope of finding my account was to use what I was actually able to provide. I sent it again. All of it. Then heard nothing for more than a week. Again.

Meanwhile, I was billed again. For a service I wasn’t using – and wasn’t able to use.

I requested assistance again. And again. Still no response. For more than two weeks.

Then it happened. More than a month and eight explicit email requests to cancel my service later, they replied…and asked if I still wanted to cancel my service! Oh…and they billed me again.

Livid, but with amazing calmness, I called and wrote them again and demanded a full refund and an apology. This time, only eleven minutes later I received a call from the president of the company, who started the conversation with an apology.

While I personally will never consider doing business with SOS Backup again, this was the only way they could save face in my mind.

I’ve waited a full year to post this, partly because I respected that the president actually called me. Then, last week, out of nowhere, their sales department left me two messages inviting me to sign up for their service…all they needed was my credit card number. Not funny.

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