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Posted: 2012-02-17. Categories: Big Ticket

I went shopping for glasses the other day and I was not pleased with my options. When I called my local eye doctor for an appointment they wanted almost $250 for a prescription for contacts and glasses. I thought that was awfully high.

I called Costco, and their prices were a little more to my liking: $49 for glasses and $89 for contacts.  The doctor was very professional and thorough. I left with my prescription and went in search of glasses. While Costco had a pretty broad selection they didn’t have my Silhouette frame or any other rimless titanium frames, and with the weight of my lenses I figured I had better keep looking, even though I was told I could get all the bells and whistles for under $200.

We left there and headed to Lenscrafters where they are having their annual 50% off sale. Sweet! They also didn’t have my glasses, but I went ahead and placed an order for another titanium frame in hopes that I’ll be able to wear them. Lenscrafters has a 90-day Unconditional Guarantee, so what did I have to lose? If they don’t work I’ll simply return them.

Then when I got home I started fooling around online and thought maybe I could just find them online.

We order my husbands contacts from so, I figured that was the best place to start. They have really saved us a bundle on his contacts. Wouldn’t you know it – I found exactly what I was looking for and the frames were only $128 compared with the $300 that I spent five years ago. That is some savings.

After it was all said and done it cost me $256.90, I never dreamed I could buy then for that price and that’s with Transitions Lens, Progressives, and all three coatings UV, night driving and scratch resistance. I’m still pinching myself.

I’ll let you know which pair I like better. But if you are on a budget and you really need all the bells and whistles this might be the way to go. In this economy every little bit counts.

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