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You might recall my review of Dr. Heater USA last year. This is my follow-up.

We bought two Dr. Heater USA units. We thought it was a good deal since they were half the price of Eden Pure.  About 6-months after we purchased the units, one of them started acting up. It just wouldn’t stay on and every once in while the unit would get really loud.

Life Smart

When I called the company they told me it was the bearings, that I could send the unit in and they would repair it. Be aware, their three-year warranty only covers parts and service. It does not cover the cost of shipping. So, we kept the unit, until it wouldn’t stay running for more than a couple of minutes. We didn’t have a choice. If we wanted to use the unit. We had to send it back.

I shipped it out parcel post, it cost me $14.88 USPS. Return shipping $25.00. For that price I could almost buy another heater. Which is what we did. (You can buy heaters for $39.99, just not these.)

We went to Cost U Less and purchased a comparable unit, called Life Smart, complete with remote for $139.00. For the price and immediate availability we just couldn’t turn it down. We’ve had it for a couple of months and so far it has worked perfectly. Looks like I can get it on Amazon for only $112.95. What a great deal. They even have one in a wooden case like the Dr. Heater for only $159.99. That beats $199.99 anytime. Of course you can still get the Dr. Heaters, I like the one with the dual heating system with the humidifier.

It’s been about six months now and no other problems have occured.  These units really are a good deal and they save us on electricity!  I just can’t say enough good things about them.

I haven’t checked the warranty so be prepared to pay shipping both ways if something goes wrong.

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