Dogs: Chicken Treats
Posted: 2012-06-05. Categories: Food

Have you heard the news regarding dog treats? Those things aren’t cheap – we were paying $22 a package!

Chicken jerky dog treats linked to health problems in 900 dogs

The US Food and Drug Administration has received about 900 reports from dog owners and veterinarians in recent months about severe illnesses and even deaths in dogs that have been linked to chicken jerky pet treats from China.

I’ll tell you, I’m kind of upset about it. I read labels and here I thought I was buying a healthy snack for my dogs and I could actually be poisoning them, instead! It’s really scary buying pre-packaged food – whether for dogs or their owners. You never know what could happen to you. We’ve been making more and more of our food from home, from scratch. Seems grandma knew best, after all. It’s cheaper too!

So, you know me. I let my fingers do the clicking and came up with Chicken Jerky for Dogs, believe it or not, it’s really easy. A couple words about the recipe: Take your chicken from the freezer, thaw it for just about an hour. Chicken should still be frozen, but it will have rested enough to allow you to create nice thin slices.

When you bake the chicken, do yourself a favor and use parchment paper; the chicken won’t stick to the pan, and it adds a nice dark color to the chicken. I didn’t the first time and even though I oiled the pan first, the chicken stuck to the pan – no, I take that back, the chicken was fused to the pan. We literally had to peel the chicken off the surface. You don’t want to go there.

If you make the chicken a little thicker than I did (I cut it paper thin), it was really too thin. About an 1/8 of an inch will make nice slices. You may have to cook them a little longer, leave them in until your sure. Don’t forget that it will lose moisture when cooked, so it’s going to be thinner when it’s done.

This is the only way to ensure my dogs get good, healthy food. Now if only I could afford to buy them organic chicken! Sigh.

Nicky and Connor love them and that’s all that matters. Be sure to read the comments… Chicken Jerky for Dogs

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