Contacts held at border
Posted: 2012-11-29. Categories: California

We recently had a problem with US customs, believe it or not.  No, we didn’t travel overseas or go to Mexico or even Canada on vacation.  We simply ordered contacts.  It was the craziest thing.

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Carefully prepares to put a contact lens

My husband has tried every contact that’s been made and has trouble with all of them, with the exception of Soflens 59. The lens is thicker than most and has been discontinued in the United States, so we started ordering from a company that can source them through Canada. They are very cheap, too, which is nice of course, and we’ve never had a problem until now.

Here we are waiting and waiting for Shawn’s contacts to arrive, all the while his supply is dwindling. Then we are notified that they are being held at customs. One week…two weeks…three weeks go by. We didn’t get any calls, no reason as to why they were held up. We called, where we ordered them from, and they seemed to have less information than FedEx! Finally, after almost a month, they sent out new contacts – which they said were going to use a different shipping method.

To this day we have not gotten an answer as to why our contacts were stopped at the border and what difference does using a new shipper make. It’s a mystery.  Makes me wonder what exactly is going on at our borders.  A crackdown? Who knows?

I also wonder why you can order FDA approved contacts with a valid prescription from out of the country, but they can’t make them here. It doesn’t make any sense.  I do know that I like the savings.  I ordered eye glasses through Coastal and got a $900 pair a glasses for only $249.  Talk about a deal.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got better places to spend my money.

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