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A lady wrote in today…

We went to Walmart the other day to do our regular grocery shopping and we went to get an electric cart, they were all dead.  My mom has had open heart surgery done and it is hard for her to walk that distance. If you could get this problem handled, I’d surely appreciate it. I spend a lot of money in the Walmart stores. This Walmart super center in Big Rapids, MI.

Thank you,
Amanda Merritt

Why don’t you call the store (231) 796-1443 or write them a letter?

Walmart Supercenter
21400 Perry Ave
Big Rapids, MI 49307

I’m sure if you went to the customer service center they would have managed to do something for you.  Don’t expect others to fight your battles for you.  Speak up but mostly… find another store to shop at.  Walmart is the biggest corporate villain of them all.

  • Know the companies you buy from.
  • Buy locally whenever possible.
  • Buy organic if you can.

The Walmart you don’t know.

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