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You know 6-months ago I knew about genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) but I really didn’t care one way or the other.  I’ve spent a little time each day learning more about GMO’s and the consequences. What I’ve found just keeps getting worse and worse.  No one cares, no one is doing anything and it really hurts to know that parents have the opportunity, no the duty, to know and care about their child’s health.

Stop genetically modified organism(s) - GMO. R...

Stop genetically modified organism(s) – GMO.

The problem is compounded.  I’ll be real simple here.  The more GE food you eat (and almost ALL processed food has GMO in them, it builds up in your system and five years, or ten years or if you’re lucky fifteen you will get sick.  Your kids will get sick.  They know it, they make the drugs and chemicals that are used in the food, and they make the pharmaceuticals that “cure” us.  It’s all the same people.  Everybody gets a piece of the pie, and everybody’s happy — but us.

If it were just me I wouldn’t care, if not for the fact that after growing up and living in farmland most of my life I have all the symptoms of MS, I have fibromyalgia and a bunch of other things that are off the wall. I’m getting on in years now, but my teenage son still has a long life ahead of him. He will need to be strong to do battle with the tyrants that rule this world. So, I’ve had to learn about food all over again.

Fortunately for me, I had a fanatic vitamin taker for a step-father, I know my vitamins and what they’re for.  I am trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. I’m getting to know like-minded individuals in my area.  I was expecting to find a bunch of tree hugging liberals, but what I actually found was an organization ran primarily by people who attend my sons church that just want to take care of themselves.  It’s a really great group of people that share plant clippings, seeds, sourdough starters, and classes on everything from fermentation to bread making.

World GMO production

World GMO production

We’ve been gradually cleaning out the GMO’s and really thinking about where our food comes from.  We eat a little less meat, but I couldn’t go on eating chicken raised inhumanely. Decades ago I raised about 300 chickens every year — they were free range and happy. It’s not like that anymore. It breaks my heart to watch the abuse these factory-farmed chickens suffer everyday because we demand cheap chicken.  Well, I can eat a little less and I sleep just fine at night.

Yes, we butcher chickens.  I treat the chickens like I do the dogs and cats, they have names, they are fed the best foods we can afford, they get treats and I pay a lot of attention to them.  When it’s time to butcher my husband does the job, because he doesn’t have the same personal relationship with them, and my son helps. They do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Just as it should be.

You can safely assume that all farm animals have been fed GMO’s unless the package says Organic.  Even if it says organic it may still have traces of GMO, due to cross contamination or the weaknesses and loopholes in labeling laws.  You see, even the new labeling laws they are trying to pass won’t help much. It’s all an illusion. There are so many loopholes in the law that it won’t change a thing.

Really the only thing you can do is buy local and know the grower of your food.  Even then, there is no guarantee thanks to cross-contamination and GMO crop polluting the natural crops and seed. The bees are dying out because of the pesticides used in this latest farming trend!

Give your kids fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  Try it for a week. Give them only fresh organic stuff and see if they aren’t more alert, calmer, and more clear headed.  Take it a step farther if you can and get rid of food dyes. All of them are doing horrible things to your insides.

I was talking to my sister the other day.  She’s telling me all about her dog shampoo, and how it makes the dog smell so good. I asked her how much it costs, she said, “$10.00 but they are worth it.”  She volunteered that she didn’t even pay $5.00 for her own shampoo.  Knowing my sister she shops at the dollar store and pays $1 for it. Why would she pay ten times as much for her dogs than for herself?

She’s going to live to be 70 or 80, and her dog is going to live to be 13 or 14.  She’s going to be sick and her dogs are doing to enjoy good health until they die — assuming she feeds them with the same consideration.  Something to think about…

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