Green Mountain Gringo!
Posted: 2013-05-18. Categories: Food, Product Reviews

Green Mountain Gringo —  believe it or not that’s what our new Salsa is called, and it’s a mouthful.  I made a Mexican pizza for lunch today. Of course, today’s pizza looks a lot different than the ones I used to make.  Today, I use a pizza stone, instead of an 11″ x 17″ pan.  I like to mix the pizza sauce, salsa and refried beans.

Well, we were out of salsa and you just can’t have Mexican Pizza without salsa!  So, we made a special trip to the store for it.  I was surprised at the number of salsas to choose from.  We normally get Pace Picante Sauce, but this is the first one I’ve bought since we’ve been buying organic.  We decided against the Cadia because they don’t use all organic ingredients, even though they are certified organic (and they fought the GMO labeling proposition in CA last year).

From their website:

Yes, our organic products are certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Our products are either “organic,” containing 95% or more organic ingredients (excluding salt and water) or are “made with organic ingredients,” containing between 70-94% organic ingredients. A few of our products are “all-natural” and are produced without the use of artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or sweeteners.

If that’s “organic”, then what’s the point of buying organic?

We decided to try Green Mountain Gringo Salsa. The label didn’t say organic, probably because it’s a meaningless term. My husband noticed the shelf label said it was organic, so we took a closer look.  It said there were no genetically modified ingredients. That’s what we’re after! The website says…

Is Gringo Salsa GMO-free?

Yes. All our our produce and the corn used in our Tortilla Strips are certified GMO-free – no genetically modified ingredients.

So, we bought it and I’m glad we did.  The flavors come alive. It was unbelievable.  You really have to try it to believe how good it is.  We also bought a tomato — the first one in a long time.  We picked up an organic one, just one, Shawn normally likes tomatoes, but he went nuts over this one.  He couldn’t wait until I finished cutting it to start eating it.  I gave him the last wedge and you couldn’t believe this man.  He was absolutely in heaven.

We’ve switched to organic and as soon as all this crap in the kitchen is gone, we aren’t going back to Monsanto’s tasteless so-called “food.”  If you don’t believe me, try it.  Go to the store, buy one regular and one organic of anything.  Blindfold yourself and see if you can tell the difference.  I’ll bet you can!

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