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I’ve read all these stories that the media is putting out about how organic food is a waste of money. How there is no difference in vitamin content.  Well I can tell from the taste, the texture, the aroma, that there is a difference.

Bananas !!


We bought some organic bananas the other day, I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed them.  Even my son noticed the difference. He said, “Mom, it even feels different.”

So, you’re worried about the cost? The good news is the more we buy, the cheaper it gets.  I paid 99¢/pound for the bananas.  That’s a really good deal these days for any banana.  There are lots of fruits and vegetables you can buy, sometimes they are actually cheaper than conventional produce.  Be sure to check them out on your next visit to the store.

Have you tried any of the organic shampoos? I must admit I had not until a couple of weeks ago – and I was impressed.  I bought Organic Excellence Shampoo.  My hair feels so soft and smooth.  I have to tell you, I just want to  throw my other shampoo away.  My husband even loves it and he’s a hard one to please.

When asked if there was anything he didn’t like about the shampoo he said, NO! Absolutely, nothing.  Now, if you know my husband, that’s saying something.

It’s the only shampoo that we know of that has organic herbs AND is truly chemical free! You will notice the difference immediately. Indicated for sensitive skin, allergies, chemical sensitivities to prevent of problems caused by chemicals. Many customers report to us that their hair has stopped falling out, and is truly chemical free! You will notice the difference immediately. Try it and see the refreshing difference that chemical free makes!

Thoroughly wet hair. Gently massage a small amount of Organic Excellence Chemical Free Mint Shampoo into hair for about 20 seconds. Rinse and reapply a small amount followed by a 2 minute massage. Let shampoo remain in hair for another 2 minutes. Rinse again. Note- Lather will be minimal due to the absence of foam boosters and detergents.

English: Organic cultivation of mixed vegetabl...

Organic cultivation of mixed vegetables on an organic farm in Capay, California

Organic Excellence Chemical Free Mint Shampoo is good for all types of hair. Oily, dry, and normal hair benefit from the unique combination of natural ingredients found in our Mint Shampoo. And, it is not just for adults. Everyone in the family will love the fresh, natural fullness that Organic Excellence Chemical Free Mint Shampoo gives hair. Even the littlest child will love the mint tingle they get from Organic Excellence Chemical Free Mint Shampoo.

It also removes the yellow discoloration from gray and white hair and prevents the green effect on hair exposed to chlorinated pool water. Organic Excellence Chemical Free Mint Shampoo does more than just eliminate the negative aspects of shampoos. It actually helps create an environment that encourages the growth of dormant hair and adds a healthy luster to hair that’s already there.

I highly recommend this shampoo! I’m going to try out a few other products. I’m really impressed and it make my hair feel so lively and really clean.

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