GMO in U.S. Cigarettes?
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Just yesterday a report came out by Natural News that 90% of U.S. tobacco is GMO. Well I never even gave it a thought. Here I am trying to get healthy because I know these things (GMO’s) are harmful to my health and all the while I’m smoking away on my GMO cigarettes.

Here’s the article:

Ninety percent of U.S. tobacco is GMO; hey smokers, you’re smoking pesticide!

Philip-MorrisGMO tobacco means that scientists in labs are injecting or infusing the genes of bacteria from the DNA of other living things into the seeds of the tobacco plant. GMO tobacco also means that pesticide and herbicide are inside the tobacco plant, and that farmers who use GM pesticides are spraying up to TEN TIMES MORE RoundUp and other poisons on the crop, adding exponentially to the toxicity of the smoker’s nightmare, where these bug and weed killers are mixed with bacteria in the lungs, the heart and the brain, compounding the inability of the pack-a-day smoker to ever quit the habit.

I followed all the links they listed as sources for their story, but not word about the tobacco being GMO. I completed a search online, nothing.  So, I called Philip Morris to get to the bottom of things.

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.

Now, I’ve been calling various companies and by and large they have all been pretty helpful telling me yes, their product contains GMO,  (Call, they need to know we don’t want GMO’s in our food.)  or no it doesn’t.  All they kept telling me at Philip Morris was that all the ingredients were listed on the website.

I even called their Media Department, they were not helpful and they weren’t even very nice.  They can’t even talk to you unless you give them your date of birth.  They had me in their system.

One man at Philip Morris acted like he didn’t know what GMO’s were.  Come on now.  It was obvious to me that they were hiding something, but what?  Could tobacco really contain GMO’s?  No one said a word, no news reports, even the health news stuff I get didn’t say anything.

Of course, I have been reading everything I could get my hand on about the wheat, because I was sure the wheat contained GMO’s and while they haven’t admitted to it being in the food supply, they finally admitted to growing it.  No way, do they not know how it got planted there.  They keep records, very good records.  They know.

Then as if by magic I got a link on my facebook page to the Release Permits under 7 CFR Part 340, low and behold tobacco was listed as well as:  corn, sweet oranges, from black cottonwood, to sugar beets, grapefruit, potato, soy, walnuts, chestnuts, alfalfa, sorghum, casava, apple, eucalyptus, sugar cane, mustard, cotton, tomato, beets, Mexican lime, peppermint, poplar, safflower, papaya, aspen, grapevine, persimmon, cypress, banana, pine, switchgrass, elm, palm, barley, plum, petunia, anthurium, grapes, wheat, bermudagrass and peanuts. I was shocked.

They are all crops either already released into the open air or pending permitting in the United States. These are the crops they are genetically engineering.

The U.S. policy toward open air releases of genetically modified experimental species has become a threat to the global food supply and ecological health of the earth. What is so hard to understand about the inability for organic to co-exist when these crazy chemical companies are genetically engineering toxic seeds and crops that take over real seeds and crops?

I will continue to dig and see what else they are hiding and lying about.

Call your food companies, ask them if their products contain GMO. I always inform them that I won’t be buying their product any more.  Keep records on who you call, when you called and who you spoke to and what they said.  You may want to refer back to it.  If you find a company selling GMO’s, tell them to stop.  Then tell your friends, post it on facebook, twitter, get the word out.  Together we can make a difference.

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