Golden Corral: Pigs wouldn’t eat there…
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When I found out Golden Corral was coming to Modesto, I was so excited. Until I ate there.  The Golden Corral just isn’t the same Golden Corral I used to eat at years ago.

Golden Corral

Golden Corral

We always give new restaurants several chances before writing them off. We’ve given it over a half-dozen chances now, and the verdict is in: it sucked. Sadly, it was consistent – but in all the wrong ways. The food was terrible. The place was a mess, most of the items on the salad bar were old, greasy, tasteless crap I wouldn’t feed to my chickens.  Now we find out the rest of the story and what a story it is!  You’re not going to believe this.

Is it safe to eat at Golden Corral?

Check out the meat patties, baby back ribs and some sort of mystery sauce, all being stored in the open air with flies everywhere next to the dumpster. And don’t miss the hydraulic cables in the background — they’re connected to the trash compactor!

These could be worst-case restaurants being managed by incompetent personnel who willfully violate food safely laws and regulations. Then again, on the other hand these photos might only scratch the surface of far worse horrors lurking in the kitchens of restaurants everywhere.

In any case – you have to look at it from another perspective. If the manager felt that it was safer to put the food they were going to serve by the dumpster than to leave it in their fridge or freezer for inspection – what the hell was wrong with it before?

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