Time for Gleaning…
Posted: 2014-07-24. Categories: Food

The job numbers are a lot worse than they are reporting…

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“The grim reality is that the proportion of adult Americans in the workforce has fallen to 62.8 percent. That’s the lowest it’s been in the past 36 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 91 million Americans over the age of 16 don’t hold any sort of job today, full time or part time. That’s the highest that number has ever been. It means there are nearly 10 million fewer jobs in America today than there were when Obama first became President.”

That’s a lie. If it is 62.8 percent it’s because 40% of that number are only working part time. But as hard as things are now, hold onto your hats, make plans for tightening the budget further because it’s just started.

Hat’s off to Washington D.C. you guys accomplished your goal. They are bringing America to it’s knees.

Freeze, Dry, Can…

But it’s only going to get worse folks.  It’s summertime, things are growing everywhere. Go out and glean what you can, trade, or barter when ever you can. Freeze, Dry, Can — Put things up for the winter.


  1. gather after harvest: to go over a field or area that has just been harvested and gather by hand any usable parts of the crop that remain

I was so excited last night.  I went to the store to pick up a few things for dinner.  I was shocked to find green peppers 2 for $1.00.  Recently, I’ve seen them go for almost $2.00 a pound.  So, when I found them 2/$1, I grabbed 4, and proceeded to check out, where I inquired whether they were 2/$1 each or by the pound. They were each 2 for a buck.

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) o...

A basket of garlic

What a deal!  I bought 4 more and proceeded home to wash, slice and bag them for freezing.  I got 5 nice size bags of green peppers for only $4.00.  That much should last me about 6 months, because only my husband likes them.

I’ve done the same thing with carrots #5 bag for $3.00 (organic), cauliflower, broccoli, and onions.  When they are in season things can be cheap, sometimes really cheap.  I check out the prices at least once a week.

I even buy garlic this way.  Instead of buying a jar of minced garlic like I used to, because I’m too lazy to mince it.  I buy a 2# bag of garlic, take it home, peel it, and put in the food processor with a little olive oil. I put in it a couple of pint jars and I’ve got fresh minced garlic for a couple a months.  And it smells so good.

You won’t get anywhere fast, but by doing a little at a time as you can afford it, but you can save yourself a great deal of money and stretch your food budget as far as it will go.  What are your favorite money saving tips?

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