Doubleday LP at it again…
Posted: 2014-08-28. Categories: Doubleday Large Print, Online Services

I don’t know why something isn’t done about companies who scam the elderly.  Take for instance Doubleday Large Print. Those people know that their target audience is comprised primarily of the elderly.  This company makes it very hard to unsubscribe, they are nonresponsive and hard to track down.

There are several articles on this site alone about them. Just today I received the following email:

I joined Doubleday Large Print in May 2014 so I could buy books for my elderly mother.

An Elderly Woman Wearing Glasses and Reading a...

Shame on you Doubleday!

After ordering a couple orders of books in May, I hadn’t ordered anything in June or July.

Then on July 31, 2014, I received an email from PayPal that my account was charged $55.46 – and there was no order email from DoubleDay. I contacted DoubleDay Large Print regarding the charge and they informed me it was for the book “Top-Secret Twenty One” / Mr. Mercedes“.

I replied that I didn’t order the book. They informed me that if I returned the book, they would credit my account. I informed them that not only did I not order the book, but that I never received it. Also, there was no shipping address given for the book I was charged for – which makes this quite dubious. There was not even any record of this book in my order history on the web site.

After multiple attempts to contact DoubleDay Large Print, notifying them that I not only never ordered the book, I also never received it – so how could I get a refund for a book i never received, I was met with silence.

I contacted PayPal to resolved the issue, who in under 5 days, refunded my account the amount of $55.46.

I think someone inside DoubleDay is accessing account to order books for themselves. Why else would there be no shipping information, no record of where the book was sent?

This very well be the case, please file a complaint with the BBB.  You might even consider sending a letter to the Attorney General’s, maybe they will start an investigation.

Something else you should do is send a letter detailing the chain of events as you see them, keeping a copy for yourself, so that if they attempt to disparage you to a credit reporting agency, you have the facts clearly documented. This fraud dispute template is a great place to start.

Have you had trouble with Doubleday Large Print?  Share your story.

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