We only have ONE!
Posted: 2015-09-19. Categories: California, Food

You know how you just sit and gnaw on something all day? This afternoon, I was driving to MPO in Columbia, California​, and I’m listening to an am radio station. They were talking about termites and this lady is saying, “just do it, don’t even think about it.”

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.

A sign warning about pesticide

She’s referring, of course to using pesticides to get rid of the termite. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

We are poisoning ourselves everyday, with the plastics we use and the coating on our cookware, even our soaps and shampoos. We can’t afford this mind set any longer. She was talking about putting a pesticide on the soil, so the ants take it back to their home, share it and die.

If it kills the termites, it only stands to reason, it would be poisonous to other animals.  Look around you folks. Where are the birds?  Our fish and wildlife are disappearing at astonishing rates.  I’m terrified.  I live in the mountains with lots of wildlife, normally.  Ask your bird watching friends. They are all dying because of the household cleaners, laundry soap, toilet bowl cleaners, even our medicine is causing problems for wildlife.  It works through our system and gets flushed.

These chemicals have never been tested like they should have been, and they have a cumulative affect.  Meaning that the more you use them, are around them, and are exposed to them, they build up in your body, until your body says, “Hey, I’ve had enough.”

We can’t keep treating our bodies like trash cans, it is not disposable. You only get one per customer.

English: Spraying pesticide in California

Spraying pesticide in California

The people in our country are sick and getting sicker every day.  We never saw this kind of thing when I was young.  There were old people everywhere. Our food was real.  Not this lousy GMO crap, they try to pawn off on us as real.  Pick up a box of crackers and read the ingredients sometime.  It’s garbage and we buy it all and they are laughing all the way to the bank.  It’s disgusting if you ask me.

Please pay attention to the chemicals you use.  Do a little homework, most of the answers are out there, at your finger tips.  I pray that your children can grow up in a clean wholesome environment. We only have one earth.  Let’s do our part to care for it properly.

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